NPL Publishing is a small independent publishing group based in Memphis, TN.  Our goal is to republish the Christian Classics for your spiritual growth and personal enjoyment.

We have published books by Andrew Murray, G. Campbell Morgan, R. A. Torrey and F.B. Meyer.  We also have exclusive rights to Keswick Ministries Keswick Journals pre 1965 as well as Francis Dixon’s Bible Study materials.  Over time we will add to our ever expanding library.

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Finally, we specialize in converting print books into a digital format.  If you would like more information on this resource email us at nplpub@gmail.com.



Do you desire to walk closer to the Lord?  Have you felt lately that you’ve drifted from Christ?  The best way to regain an intimate relationship with Christ is through His Word; the Bible.  The next best thing is to pick up a book by men and women who have walked with God.  Sit under their teaching for a while.  Think of it as being discipled by them.

NPL Publishing is a small independent publishing group based in Memphis, TN.  We republish classic books that will deeper your walk with the Lord.  Imagine being discipled by the great men who walked with God.  Today, you can.  Each author has poured himself into their books.  Each of our books have been carefully selected and brilliantly reformatted for easy reading on your kindle (.mobi), iBook (.epub) or PDF Reader (.pdf).  We painstakingly edit each book we republish in order to provide a brilliant reading experience free from those pesky formatting errors.  We know what it is like to desire to walk closer to the Lord and to not know the next step to take!  So let us help.  With NPL Publishing you will find books which are sure to help you grow in your relationship with the Lord.