The Keswick Movement: In Precept and Practice by A. T. Pierson

The Keswick Movement: In precept and Practice was written by Dr. A. T. Pierson in 1903.
The name “Keswick” has now become historic. It stands for something which, like the Master Himself, “can not be hid.”   From many different directions, and with increasing frequency, come inquiries and questionings as to the purpose and purport of the “Keswick Movement.” Requests are made by many parties for some clear and concise history of its origin and development, and for an explicit statement of the truths taught by Keswick teachers.   This little book, the substance of which has, in part, appeared previously, and in other forms, fragmentary, is an attempt to supply a felt need and answer these inquiries. Herein we briefly trace the story of the whole movement and of the so called “Keswick Convention” in England, from its beginnings, through the more than quarter of a century of its annual recurrence, and seek to show what are the truths, principles, and practices for which “Keswick” stands.– Dr. A. T. Pierson



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