The Keswick Convention 1957: Notes and Addresses Revised By The Speakers (The Keswick Week)


The 1957 edition of the The Keswick Convention includes messages from Alan Redpath, William Culbertson, L. F. E. Wilkinson, A. W. Rainsbury, H. W. Cragg, J. Glyn Owen, John Caiger and Leith Samuel. The daily messages which were delivered focus on Keswick’s Clarion Call (Authoritative Voice of the Spirit), Worship (The Reality of God, Entering Into Rest, Implications of the Cross, Words of a Wise Woman) Repentance (Bible Readings on The Heavenly Fathers Love, Four Steps into Spiritual Declension, Sins of the Tongue, Salt of the Earth, Thou Art Man, How Jesus Dealt with a Sinner, Warnings from the Early Church) Yieldedness (The Deliverance Christ Offers, Walking in the Light, What God Forgets, The Arm of God, Sins of the Spirit, Loosed From Thine Infirmity) Call To Consecration (Ministry; His Return, Challenge to Christian Consecration, The Man God Uses, Sin’s Dominion Broken, The Way into the Life of Victory, Fruit of the Vine, Purchased to be Possessed) Yieldedness to Christ, God’s Call to Consecration, The Call to the Spirit Filled Life and the Call to World Wide Witness and more.
The Keswick Convention or Keswick Week was a series of meetings which sprang out of the Holiness Movement in 1875. Keswick speakers included Andrew Murray, F.B. Meyer, Hudson Taylor, A.T. Pierson, D.L. Moody, A.W. Tozer, Steven Olford among others. Early on, the convention set an order for the meetings that would endure for generations. The yearly meetings emphasized —

1) Sin, its nature, man’s helplessness, man’s trespasses, man’s wickedness, the Christian’s sin and man’s incredible need.

2) Christ’s provision, His person and work, the exchange from Adam’s life to that of Christ.

3) Repentance, Consecration and Holiness, Abandonment to Christ, Sanctification by faith.

4) The Spirit filled life, Christ within the believer, His power and presence.

5) Evangelism and Missions as a Mandate.


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